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Monday, May 29, 2006

Fun Times Ahead....

At last! The Asperger social group in toronto is actually doing something I want to do! I posted it in my previous post! Centre Island on June 17th! The only thing that bothers me is we don't meet up until 1:00!! If I'm going somewhere like Centre Island, I'd like to get there EARLIER!!! Maybe I could arrange to meet them once they arrive on the other side. Yeah! That's what I'll do!!!

Also, June 26th is the CN Tower's 30th birthday. Mark and Janette want to go to that and this is the week between me being finished school and re-starting work at Kerry's place so We thought it would be fun to go there and join the festivities. I want to get some pictures of us on the glass floor for phoonatics

Janette and I had a great chat today. She was telling me about all the major accomplishments she managed to achieve yesterday. She got her hair cut and then she went to a GUN SHOP!! The lady told her she couldn't go in without a permit, but ended up letting her in anyway when she told her all she wanted was a pair of decent EARPLUGS!!! We both had to laugh because this sounds like something that would happen on a "King of the Hill" episode. I can just picture this sort of thing happening to Peggy or LuAnne!!

She also managed to get herself a CD Walkman at last! I'm very happy for her. We need these things to survive in our world nowadays! She also bought herself a KISS Greatest Hits CD!! We are going to have so much fun listening to music on the bus when we go on our next Niagara trip!! I had conveniently surpressed the memory of our horrid journey back to Toronto on the way from our 1996 trip!

This year the number one attraction on our list is that new Ferris wheel!! here's an interesting bit of trivia, in case you didn't know; the Ferris wheel was named after its inventor, George Washington Gale Ferris. I guess if I'd invented it, it would be the Franklin wheel. Or the Hurd wheel if I wasn't married yet. Then again, I didn't invent it. It was invented over a hundred years ago. Hmmm, what other inventions were named after their inventors?

Great, now I'm thinking about that Ivor Titsling song from the movie "Beaches". Would you wear a Titsling or wear a Brazierre?

Speaking of movies, I've seen a lot of great ones this weekend. Today "First Wives Club" and "The Princess Bride" have both been on. I have "First Wives Club" taped from when it was on TV a few years ago and I used to have the video of "The Princess Bride" but it was stolen from me either by Butthead or Josie. JOsie was living upstairs at Ruth's and I'm sure when her wonderful angelic little grandchildren were visiting she frequently "borrowed" quite a lot of my movies without asking permission, especially since I tend to own a lot of carttons/kids' movies.

I just thought of an interesting question for ask me anything

Meanwhile I've gotten a lot of dolls finished this weekend, but three still need underwear. I can't just let 'em "feel the breeze"! It's one of those quirks of human nature that one of the first things most people do when they pick up a doll is peek under its skirt!


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